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Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Quarry Owner, Wholesaler, Factory, Exporter
  • Main Products:
    g664 Granite, Slab, Tile,g635 Granite Monument,g654 Granite Countertop,g603 Granite Paving Stone,g682 Granite Stairs,g687 Granite,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    Dec 28, 2000
  • NO. of Employees:
    201 ~ 500
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ >100 Million
  • Authentication:
  • √ Certificates
David Yan
86-592 2626037
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Recommended Products
  • New Kashmir White Granite ( Direct Factory + Good Price ) Slabs & Tiles, India White Granite
  • Brown Onyx Slabs, Brown Onyx Tiles, Golden Brown Onyx
  • Brown Onyx, Brown Onyx Wall, Brown Onyx Tiles
  • Brown Onyx Tiles, Brown Onyx Blocks, Brown Onyx Pattern, Brown Onyx Sinks & Basins, Brown Onyx
  • Ming Green Marble Tile, Verde Ming Green Marble Slabs & Tiles, Ming Green Marble Slab
  • Dandong Green Marble Tiles, Green Marble, Verde Ming Marble Tile
  • Dandong Green, Dandong Green Marble, Green Marble Tiles & Slab
  • Danton Green, Danton Verde Green Marble Tile, Danton Green Marble Slab
  • White Jade Slab, White Jade, White Jade Marble Tile & Slab
  • Hanbai White, Pure White Marble, Pure White Marble Tile & Slab
  • Ming Green Marble Medallion, Green Marble Medallion, China Green Marble
  • Spring Green, Green Marble Molding & Border, Verde Ming Green Marble Molding & Border
  • Bird Mosaic Pattern,Animal Mosaic Tile,Animal Art Wall Mosaic,Animal Pattern Mosaic Tiles
  • Animal Pattern Mosaic Tiles,Animal Mosaic,Horse Mosaic Pattern,Mosaic Picture Animals,Animal Mosaic Patterns
  • Cheap Sunflower Round Mosaic Medallions Pattern from China
  • Rectangle Marble Floor Medallions Pattern,Square Marble Mosaic Stepping Stone Patterns,Chinese Marble Floor Medallions Patterns
  • Flower Waterjet Marble Tiles Design Floor Pattern,Flower Waterjet Marble Pattern,Foyer Medallion Floor,Waterjet Marble Pattern Floor
  • Water Jet Marble Medallion,Natural Stone Medallions,Mosaic Medallion,Backsplash Medallion,Exterior Stone Medallions
  • Natural Stone Mosaic Medallion,Medallion Square Tile,Marble Waterjet Medallion,Stone Mosaic Medallion,Marble Medallion Design,Decorative Tile Medallions,Decorative Wall Medallions
  • Water Jet Floor Medallions Patterns,Water Jet Marble Designs,Water Jet Nozzle Design,Water Jet Floor Medallions Patterns,Water Jet Marble Pattern,Water Jet Design Pattern
  • Shadow
  • Shadow
  • Shadow Carve
  • Shadow Carve
  • Grey Granite Animal Sculpture
  • Figture Of Angel Sculpture, White Marble Angel Sculpture
  • Grey Granite Animal Sculpture
  • ONXY
  • Packing
  • Pavers Packing
  • Bath Top Packing
  • Tile Packing
  • Tile Packing
  • Packing
  • Packing
  • Countertop Packing
  • Kitchen Top Packing
  • Sink Packing
  • G654 Granite Cube Stone,China Grey Granite
  • Granite Paving Stone- Cobblestone
  • Cobble Stone
  • Chinese Red Porphyry Blind Paving Stone,Porphyry Red,Dayang Red,Dayang Red Granite
  • Red Porphyry Cube,Red Porphyry Cobble Stone,Red Porphyry Cobble
  • Red Porphyry Paving Stone,Red Porphyry Cube Stone,Red Porphyry Stone,Red Porphyry Paver
  • Landscaping Stones, Paving Stone
  • Grey Granite G603 Cube Stone, Cobble Stone
  • Red Porphyry Walkway Pavers,Red Porphyry Driveway Pavers,Red Porphyry Blind Paving Stone, Red Porphyry Stone Pavers
  • Chinese White Sandstone
  • Kashmir White Granite Quarry (Direct Factory + Good Price ), Kashmir White Granite Block
  • China Via Lactea Granite Black Blocks
  • Germany Jura Beige Limestone Block
  • 30x30cm Ceramic Floor Tile
  • 20X20cm Ceramic Wall Tile
  • 25X40cm Ceramic Tiles Wall Tile
  • 30X45cm Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • 30X60cm Ceramic Tiles
  • 25X33cm Ceramic Wall Tile
  • 30X45cm Ceramic Wall Tile
  • 30X60cm Ceramic Wall Tile
  • 30X60cm Ceramic Wall Tile
  • 25X33cm Ceramic Wall Tile
  • Granite G623 Countertop,G623 Granite Countertop,Granite G623 Countertop,Rosa Beta Granite Countertop,China Rosa Beta Granite Countertop
  • Kashmir White Granite Kitchen Countertop
  • Kashmir White Granite Bath Tops
  • China Blue Limestone Bathtub
  • Yellow Onyx Sinks,Yellow Honey Onyx,China Yellow Onyx,Yellow Onyx
  • Spray White Granite,White Wave Granite,China Grey Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops
  • G654 Grey Granite Countertops, G654 Black Granite Countertops
  • Tiger Skin White Countertops,Tiger Skin White Table Tops,Tiger Skin White Kitchen Worktops
  • Blue Pearl Laminate Countertops,Blue Pearl Kitchen Countertop,Blue Pearl Table Top,Blue Pearl Granite Table Top,Blue Pearl Granite Countertop,Blue Pearl Granite Kitchen Top
  • Blue Pearl Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops,Blue Pearl Granite Vanity Top,Blue Pearl Granite Countertop Vanity Tops,Blue Pearl Table Top
  • Multicolor Red Granite Headstone,Multicolor Red Granite Gravestone,Multicolor Red Cross Tombstones,Custom Monuments
  • Multicolor Red Granite Monument,Multicolor Red Granite Tombstone
  • Monument
  • European Style Tombstones; European Style Monument, Black Granite Tombstones
  • European Style Tombstones, European Style Monument, Black Granite Tombstones
  • European Style Tombstones; European Style Monument
  • European Style Tombstones; European Style Monument
  • European Style Tombstones, European Style Monument, Black Granite Tombstones
  • European Style Tombstones; European Style Monument
  • European Style Tombstones, European Style Monument, Red Granite Tombstones
  • Multicolor Red Granite Steps,Multicolor Red Granite Stairs
  • Steps G623 Rosa Beta,G623 Grey Rosa Beta Granite,G623 Granite Steps,G623 Stairs,Rosa Beta Steps,Rose Beta Granite Stairs
  • G654 Granite Steps,g654 Granite Stairs, G654 Grey Granite Stairs
  • White Culturied Stone
  • G603 Granite Stairs and Steps, G603 Grey Granite Stairs
  • G654 Granite Stairs and Steps, G654 Black Granite Stairs
  • Jet Mist/Snow Grey Granite/Jet Mist Granite Walling (Direct Factory+ Good Price)
  • Column Panel, Yellow Granite Column
  • Stairs, Steps
  • Yellow Granite Stairs
  • Automatic Bridge Cutting Machine for Slabs
  • Rock-arm Polish Machine
  • Single Column Multi-Disk Block Cutting Machine
  • Salbs Calibrating Machine
  • Edge Shaping Machine
  • Bridge Multiblade Block Cutter
  • Liquid-immersed Cutter
  • New Single Column Multi-Disk Block Cutting Machine
  • Profiling Machine
  • Polishing Machine

Contact Details

David Yan
  • Telephone:86-592 2626037
  • Fax No:86-592 3761660
  • Mobile:
  • Company Address
    5B2 Moufu Building, Xiangyu Free Trade Zone,Xiamen, Fujian,China

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